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Jewellery and accessories. Designed and manufactured in Scotland.
We post worldwide from only £5, and free within the UK.
Update on the current pandemic situation.

As the lockdown is easing in Scotland we'll now be posting twice a week instead of once, so we can get your necklaces to you faster! Tuesdays and Fridays are the new post days, and any orders made before 12pm on these days will be included.

All other safeguards will still be carrying on, such as handwashing before any use of tools or touching of materials.

It's possible that some necklaces will be out of stock for some time as my laser lives a life of luxury out in the countryside with my parents, so I will be visiting it as little as possible while this is ongoing.

I hope you all stay safe out there, may your bog roll always be available, your handwash plentiful and most importantly, your friends and family healthy 💙